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Buy Electric Boiler

EHC can provide an Electric Heating solution for almost any situation from small domestic properties to large commercial buildings and even boats. Domestic single phase boilers are available from 4kW to 14.4kW and commercial 3 phase boilers are available in 12kW, 14.4kW, 23kW, and 39kW outputs.

buy electric boiler

If the project requires a larger output, all our boilers are designed to work in conjunction with each other on a low loss header setup. If you are unsure of the boiler you require, we can provide a bespoke service to ensure the solution we provide is the most appropriate.

The compact design of the boiler makes it ideal for heating applications where space is at a premium. The SlimJim is traditionally installed by professional heating engineers in properties such as apartments, domestic dwellings, holiday homes and light commercial properties.

As you may already be aware, gas boilers are generally available in 3 different types: combi, system and regular/conventional. This is no different for electric boilers. This means that, whether your home is best suited to a regular, system or combination boiler, there will still be plenty of electric boilers in the UK for you to choose from.

The only drawback of this electric combi boiler is that the models with lower outputs are not capable of producing a high enough flow rate of hot water to efficiently fill a hot bath, and are only recommended for use with showers.

A cross between combi and regular boilers, system boilers are best suited to homes with higher demand for hot running water. They require a hot water storage cylinder to provide hot running water, but draw their water supply directly from the water mains.

As electric boilers are generally only available in lower output sizes, system models are actually quite common. This is because a separate hot water cylinder can store hot water that can then be drawn by the hot taps or a shower.

The Mattira range of boilers from Elnur is the only range of boilers capable of regulating energy consumption according to the heating needs of the property. They do this by measuring the internal and external temperatures of the property every 20 seconds. We have listed some further key features below.

As a typical flat will have very few radiators throughout the property, any kind of electric boiler would be able to meet its heating and hot water requirements easily. The main consideration for what would be suitable, will most likely be more about space.

If your flat is already fitted with a combi boiler, replacing it with the Mercury electric combi boiler could be a good option. It will easily fulfil your heating and hot water needs, and can help to lower your carbon footprint too. Especially if your energy supplier provides electricity from renewable sources.

Add to this the fact that an electric boiler will struggle to provide sufficient amounts of domestic hot water to a large property, and it becomes clear that your best option will not be an electric boiler.

If you are considering getting an electric boiler and want to ensure you find one at the best possible price, we highly recommend getting quotes from multiple heating engineers near you. This allows you to compare the quotes against each other, understand which engineer is offering you the best deal, and avoid being overcharged for the installation. This is something we can help with.

Consumer Reports recently tested several electric and gas whole-house tankless water heaters from brands such as Bosch, Navien, Noritz, Rheem, Rinnai, Tempra, and Trutankless. We compared the results with those of conventional tanked heaters from Rheem, one gas and one electric, as well as with a Rheem electric heat pump water heater, which is a variation on a tanked water heater.

Because the tankless water heaters performed so similarly to each other, we averaged the results of each batch, gas and electric, and compared that score with the performance of the conventional gas and electric storage tanks and the electric heat pump model. As a result, we have no model-level ratings like we do with other major appliances.

A.O. Smith makes residential and commercial water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks that are sold exclusively by plumbing wholesalers and plumbing contractors. It manufactures tankless, hybrid, solar, and high-efficiency tank water heaters.

Kenmore makes gas and electric water heaters. Its water heaters are available in multiple sizes, and in Power Miser and Hydrosense electronic-temperature-control configurations. Kenmore water heaters are available at Sears and other retailers.

Rheem manufactures and markets gas and electric water heaters. Rheem makes residential water heaters in tank, tankless, and point-of-use configurations and units that work with solar water-heater systems. Rheem water heaters are available in multiple sizes and with multiple warranties, with energy-efficiency claims that vary by size. Rheem tankless water heaters are available at Home Depot. Its tank water heaters are available online and through a network of dealers.

Electric boilers are modern, convenient, safe and ecological heat generators. Our Vitotron series electric boilers offer convenient and reliable space heating without the need for fossil fuels. These small appliances can be installed practically anywhere, providing for plug-and-play ease of installation and simplified programming.

Electric boilers come in various output ranges and sizes, and they're an ideal solution for energy-efficient homes that don't have a nearby gas supply. These devices can be added to new and existing residential systems, and their space saving design and integrated components ensure a fast and simple installation.

If you have an old poorly-insulated house that requires high-temperature heating, then an electric boiler probably isn't the right choice for your situation. But if you have a well-insulated home that can use low-temperature hydronic heating, then our Vitotron series could be a great match for you!

Electric boilers are compact devices that use electricity to heat water without burning fossil fuels. These devices operate by running an electrical current through a resistive conductor, which heats the water held within the internal heating element. The integrated circulating pump then sends this hot water out into the system to heat your home.

An electric boiler can be used as a stand-alone heating device, or it can be paired up with other devices in a centralized heating system. A solar system is the perfect partner for an electric boiler, and the combination of heat storage and free energy from a photovoltaic system enables very low running costs. Our products are designed to integrate and work together seemlessly, in order to generate maximum system performance and energy savings for your application.

An electric water heater is a tank that heats water with high-voltage electric heating rods that run vertically through the tank. Water is heated starting at the center of the tank, radiating outward.

Gas water heaters require a gas line and an open flame (at the bottom of the heater) to heat the water. Occasionally, the user must relight the gas pilot light with a lighter or a piezoelectric built-in lighter.

While an electric water heater does heat water slower and more expensively than the gas models do, it heats the water more efficiently. The heating rods are submerged in the water in a sealed tank, so there is very little heat loss.

Though gas water heaters burn hotter, they are less efficient than electric water heaters because much of the energy output is wasted through the vent at top. The vent is necessary for discharging toxic gases.

Electric water heaters span the very best and the very worst types of electricity supplies. At the best, though still rare, is electricity supplied by solar or wind. At the worst is electricity supplied by dirty coal-fired or nuclear power plants.

Gas water heaters occupy the middle range for environmental impact. Gas is never as bad as electricity supplied by coal-powered plants, but never as good as wind or solar electricity. Gas is a non-renewable fossil fuel. While gas has long been thought of as a cleaner type of power than electricity, more recently some regions have enacted measures to ban the use of natural gas.

As a result of the recently passed legislation regarding boilers, there will be no new gas boilers installed in newly built homes after the year 2025 to meet climate change targets. Therefore, any new house constructed after the year 2025 will be equipped with an alternative kind of heating, such as a electric boilers, for instance. The days of the gas boiler are numbered as they say.

A gas boiler, even an a gas condensing boiler has a nett thermal efficiency of 92-95%, when the gas boiler heating systems circuit temperature is be below the dew point of flue gases (55C), ideally below 52C.

They are normally powered by the mains electricity supply. You can also generate your own electric energy via solar PV panels for example, and help reduce your carbon footprint even further as well your energy bills.

Just like a gas or oil boiler, our electric hot water boiler should be fitted by a professional heating engineer / qualified heating engineer often in conjunction with an electrician to wire the electricity supply to the boiler.

Cheap to buy as electric heating boilers have no gas valves, fans or burners which keeps the cost down as opposed to the average gas boiler. Whilst an oil boiler requires an oil tank to be fitted. Also, an oil tank can also be unsightly and aesthetically pleasing.

Any competent heating engineer can fit an electric boiler and boiler installation costs are lower as compared to gas boilers. Most heating engineers work or partner with an electrician and work with each other to deliver complete boiler installations

They lack waste gases and thus any flue / chimney means the unit is much more compact and lighter, ensuring you have more flexibility about where in the property you have it installed. This makes them much more versatile in terms of where they can be placed in the property. Most electric boilers are small in dimensions. 041b061a72

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