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Hoepli Grammatica Giapponese Pdf Download

Hoepli Grammatica Giapponese Pdf Download

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable grammar book for learning Japanese, you might be interested in the Hoepli Grammatica Giapponese, written by Matilde Mastrangelo, Naoko Ozawa and Mariko Saito. This book is a second edition of a well-established reference work that covers the phonetic, morphological and syntactic aspects of modern Japanese. It is divided into five thematic sections: the first three focus on morphology and syntax, while the last two deal with more specific issues such as relational language and linguistic variations between written and spoken forms, as well as between male and female speech. Each unit contains detailed explanations, numerous summary tables and many examples with transcription and translation in Italian. In the appendix, you can find useful synoptic tables on the syllabic alphabets and important lexical elements. The book also has updated and expanded analytical indexes that help you learn the correct grammatical structures.


The Hoepli Grammatica Giapponese is suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, as well as for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. It is published by Hoepli, a prestigious Italian publishing house that specializes in dictionaries and grammars of various languages. The book has 380 pages and costs 34.90 euros, but you can get a 5% discount if you buy it online from the Hoepli website. You can also preview some pages of the book on the same website.

If you prefer to download the book in PDF format, you can find some websites that offer it for free or for a small fee. However, we advise you to be careful about the quality and legality of these sources, as they might not respect the authors' rights or contain errors or viruses. One possible website that claims to offer the PDF version of the book is, where you can view or download the file of 55.1 MB and 718 pages. However, we cannot guarantee the authenticity or safety of this source, so we recommend you to check it carefully before downloading it.

In conclusion, the Hoepli Grammatica Giapponese is a valuable resource for learning Japanese grammar in a systematic and thorough way. You can buy it online from the official publisher's website or look for other options to download it in PDF format. However, be aware of the potential risks and drawbacks of using unofficial sources that might not respect the authors' work or your computer's security.

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