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Activation Code Disk Drill Pro

Activation Code Disk Drill Pro

Disk Drill Pro is a powerful data recovery software for Windows and Mac. It can recover lost files from any type of storage device, including hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and more. Disk Drill Pro also offers advanced features such as Recovery Vault, Guaranteed Recovery, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, and cross-platform scans. To unlock these features, you need to purchase an activation code for Disk Drill Pro.


How to Purchase an Activation Code for Disk Drill Pro

To purchase an activation code for Disk Drill Pro, you need to visit the official website of CleverFiles, the developer of Disk Drill. There, you can choose between two editions of Disk Drill Pro: Lifetime Upgrades and Regular. The Lifetime Upgrades edition includes all future major and minor updates of Disk Drill Pro, while the Regular edition only includes minor updates within one major version. The prices of both editions may vary depending on your location and the exchange rate.

Once you select the edition you want to buy, you can proceed to the checkout page, where you can enter your billing information and choose a payment method. CleverFiles accepts all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. You can also apply a discount code if you have one. For example, if you are upgrading from a previous version of Disk Drill Pro, you can get a 50% discount. If you are a student, a teacher, a government employee, or a non-profit organization worker, you can get a 20% discount.

After you complete the payment, you will receive an email with your activation code and a download link for Disk Drill Pro. You can also find your activation code in your online account on the CleverFiles website.

How to Activate Disk Drill Pro with Your Activation Code

To activate Disk Drill Pro with your activation code, you need to download and install Disk Drill Pro on your computer. You can use the download link from the email or from the CleverFiles website. Make sure you download the correct version for your operating system: Windows or Mac.

After you install Disk Drill Pro, launch it and click on the "Upgrade to PRO" button in the upper right corner of the main window. A dialog box will appear, asking you to enter your activation code. Copy and paste your activation code from the email or from your online account and click on the "Activate" button. You will see a confirmation message that your activation was successful and that you can now use all the features of Disk Drill Pro.

How to Recover Your Lost Data with Disk Drill Pro

Now that you have activated Disk Drill Pro, you can start recovering your lost data with it. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Select the disk or partition where you lost your data and click on the "Search for lost data" button.

  • Wait for Disk Drill Pro to scan your disk and find all the recoverable files. You can pause or stop the scan at any time.

  • Preview the found files and select the ones you want to recover. You can filter them by name, size, date, or type.

  • Choose a destination folder where you want to save your recovered files and click on the "Recover" button.

  • Enjoy your recovered data!

Disk Drill Pro also offers other recovery methods such as Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Partition Recovery, and more. You can learn more about them in the user manual or on the CleverFiles website.


Disk Drill Pro is a reliable and easy-to-use data recovery software that can help you recover your lost data from any storage device. To use it, you need to purchase an activation code from CleverFiles and enter it in the software. Then, you can scan your disk and recover your files with just a few clicks. Disk Drill Pro also provides additional features such as data protection, disk health monitoring, and cross-platform compatibility. If you need a data recovery solution for Windows or Mac, Disk Drill Pro is a great choice.

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