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Dutch Darts Revelation

the only solution to a job is a job you gain by playing the game of life a game thats been designed to give you the knowledge to solve your problems and you must get down on your knees and realize, you are not a victim, but a minister understand you are a minister of christ, and you are therefore expected to be a minister of the living god dear disciple of christ, get to know christ, and you will gain assurance of his salvation and approval as his minister (dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart)

Dutch darts revelation


the foundation of faith is a close walk with god close relationships with fellow believers you can not make your faith strong and healthy by yourself through it you need god to open your eyes to his power and love and to manifest it to you through the sacraments of baptism, holy communion, confession, confirmation and the eucharist. he is a spiritual father to you a spiritual mother to you he is your husband and your friend, he is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipreserving, so he is personal, and very particular to you, too, he is guiding and directing you to your destiny and this destiny is between you and jesus christ who knows what you will be able to do in the future, i believe that, who the devil does not know what he is doing, like the jew the devil blinded them, but the holy spirit makes you wise, (romans 11:6). brother, do not worry or be afraid, i will help you and i will place within you and your children spiritual foundation for them to stand on. are you a soldier of christ? he has given you a mission to fulfill. and are you doing it? are you making progress? are you saying that he is your god? he must be the only one of all the gods you have in your heart. do you believe that he is your god? he must be the only one of all the gods you have in your heart. are you obedient to his grace and commandments? are you ready to face the devil? are you ready to be thrown into prison? are you ready to die in his name? are you willing to go to the cross for the cause? you must understand that, we are all on a journey and the road we are on is not easy to walk. without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to god must believe that he exists and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him. if you want to get to know god and your destiny is between you and jesus christ, he is god and he is our enemy and satan is the leader of our enemy. through this, god himself speaks, i know that the sovereign god does not change. it is impossible for god to lie. the sovereignty of god is that he is the power of god and he is the god of truth and he is the god of grace and he is the god of mercy and grace and the grace is perfect and it is loving and it never ends. here, we can see that god is indeed loving and grace is never-ending. we should have faith in gods sovereignty and never-ending grace. when we believe god, he will lift us out of the sea of human experience and will show us his goodness and his power. god wants to empower us and put within us the power to change and the power to walk. he wants us to stop being sick and tired of our dreams and desires.

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