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Touchdown Software Support

This latest version adds the support of forms-based data gathering functionality in TouchDown. This feature, mobile forms, allows customers to design forms using a free windows based designer and distributing to end users on the web or by email. For organizations that use Outlook Forms extensively, this feature brings similar forms based data capture functionality to mobile users.

Touchdown Software Support

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is simplifying enterprise networks and making them more intuitive. The new Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour is a software-defined, controller-based solution that enables Bonjour services discovery and advertisement at scale for enterprise networks, schools, and universities.

If you need additional software or service other than the college standard software (instructional images), you must submit a setup request form. Software installation can only be performed by ITS personnel. If assignments require students to download software, please communicate this to ITS.

ITS only supports licensed college software. Issues with other software is the responsibility of the user. All software should only be installed according to their licensing agreements. All licenses must be on file with ITS.

Symantec Corporation will End of Life the Product(s) identified in this notification including any Maintenance Packs and/or patches for each version, in all released languages. Technical support and content updates for customers with current Maintenance Support will be available according to the dates listed in the table below. This notice describes the timelines for the delivery of support services for these products that have reached their End of Life.

Thanks for the kind words- I'm actually the last remaining member of Nitrodesk still involved with Touchdown, so that means a lot. It's the customers and the amazing community that really put Touchdown on the map, and I am eternally grateful for their support and enthusiasm for the product.

Sadly, we don't have a replacement product. Your license won't be revoked, but we'll be removing Touchdown from the store, and after the End of Support timeline passes, I won't be doing any Touchdown support. (Moving to another product.)

I've been using Touchdown since 2010, it has been one of the most reliable pieces of software I've ever used. There's never been a problem (for me) other than a few minor hiccups, it's been improved frequently over the years and the response to questions and support has been fantastic especially from the original developers - support from Symantec has also been good since it purchased the product. A big thanks from me to all involved with the product.

Just for background info, many companies force you to have the latest version of iOS installed to access Exchange Server, or you can have a secure client like TouchDown. That means you're out of luck if you're on an unsupported phone such as iPhone 2G which cannot have the latest version of iOS and cannot run TouchDown since it's Android only.

The problem? Apple does not support anything but EAS (Active Sync) so, if there is no Active Sync on your exchange server, you're toast - or you need to deal with your IT staff - and I bet security will be an issue.

Technical support and content updates for customers with current Email-only Support, Basic Maintenance Support or Essential Support will be available according to the dates in the said table. This notice describes the timelines for the delivery of support services for these products that have reached their EOL.

Technical support and content updates for customers with current Maintenance Support will be available according to the dates listed in the table below. This notice describes the timelines for the delivery of support services for these products that have reached their End of Life.

The Del Norte High School Touchdown Club is a 501(c)(3) organization set up by the parents of the Del Norte High School Football team. Our mission is to provide financial advisement and support to the Del Norte High School Football Team to ensure a positive culture and experience for players at all levels of the program.

Without the donations and support of parents like you, the football program will not exist. Also by contributing your time and money to the touchdown club you are also helping us support other sports at the school.

Hello I have read all forums and cannot find a solution... On touchdown there is a very big camera shake but my landing rates are top ( -22 ...) I have removed all shake from EZDOK 3 with no success ... Can you help me ?

The Centennial Knights Touchdown Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which supports the Centennial High School football program. Families and individuals can become annual members at a number of different levels.

The options for touchdown space configurations are nearly endless. An slideshow outlined some of the most popular solutions for businesses hoping to create touchdown spaces more innovative than the traditional conference room.

I&M staff work just as hard for away games. In 2017, three I&M staff members, Rocco Petrunti, Dan Fraher, and Giovanni Moraga traveled with the Stanford football team to Sydney, Australia. During the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, I&M staff member Giovanni Moraga rode with the team for a three-week-long road trip up and down the west coast. Giovanni went the extra yard to help the group maintain a COVID bubble for practices and games. This year, two I&M staff traveled with the team to provide support for the regular season.

The sophistication in technology is a critical component to the success of office hoteling. Networks, laptops, mobile devices, and wireless capabilities are all factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure employees can smoothly transition from location to location, whether in the office or at home. Upgrading and maintaining the IT infrastructure and the necessary accessories used to connect remote employees to applications, company drives, and software will establish the foundation needed to roll out a successful hoteling program. This means taking necessary measures to update security efforts, company networks, and wireless infrastructure. Failing to do so may result in Wi-Fi connection complications, employees not being able to access the applications and files needed to perform their jobs, and security risks.

With the overall IT infrastructure optimized for a hoteling program, the next essential element is a coherent way to schedule and reserve touchdown spaces. Deploying beacon and sensing technology is the second component to office hoteling, allowing employees to reserve touchdown spaces. Through location available sensing technology and beacons with Wi-Fi, employees can easily view and reserve the office or meeting space they want. The ability to determine what desk, conference room, shared table, couch, or any meeting space is available, without having to physically go to the space, is a critical factor to making hoteling an efficient initiative.

The PTC extends a welcome to all families, alumni, and friends of the Stillwater Area High School football program. Our membership drive will help maintain our strong tradition of Stillwater football and assist our goals to improve player equipment, practice equipment, create an adequate player-coach ratio at all levels, use game and program technology, and overall, support the program.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre reacts after throwing a 57 yard touchdown pass to Jennings to tie Dan Marino's record of 420 career touchdown passes during a game with the San Diego Chargers at Lambeau Field Green Bay, Wisconsin September 23, 2007. REUTERS/Allen Fredrickson

The North Paulding Touchdown Club is a non-profit organization established to support the WolfPack football program. We wish to sincerely thank those individuals and businesses who have financially supported WolfpackFootball (K-12) and Cheer (K-5th grade).

Your support enables the NP Touchdown Club to make significant improvements to our field house, purchase additional training equipment, and provide support for all NP football players and cheer.

As part of the tradition that is Hopkins Football, the Touchdown Club was founded in 2007 to support the Johns Hopkins University Football Program. Members annually contribute $100 per victory earned during the season, which includes playoffs, or at a higher level. Membership in the club is managed on an annual basis.

The resources collected from the Touchdown Club allow the coaching staff the opportunity to enhance the experience for the football student-athletes. By supporting the Blue Jays, your generous donation will afford the Hopkins Football program the opportunity to continue to operate in a first-class manner, while setting new academic and athletic standards. Each gift is tax-deductible and is restricted for use by the Football program.

Every gift of support is important to the football program, but in this situation, yes, members of the Touchdown Club must give at the $100 per win level or at a higher level. Gifts for football are accepted at lower levels, but members only receive full recognition and benefits with the complete commitment.

The Pack Pledge Challenge is an opportunity for Wolfpack fans across the country to support NC State student-athletes. Every time NC State Football scores a touchdown, sacks an opponent and wins a game, you have the opportunity to enhance the student-athlete experience at NC State.

Our goal with this challenge is to highlight the Hard.Tough.Together. mentality by getting as many fans to participate as possible. Each dollar raised will go directly to supporting various Wolfpack Club and NC State initiatives ranging from scholarships, meals, academic support and more to further enhance the student-athlete experience at NC State.

After opting in to the Football Pack Pledge Challenge, your pledge will be automatically processed following each game. Charges will begin with the season opener at ECU on Saturday, September 3rd. The Wolfpack Club will process fulfillment of individual game stat pledges the following Monday of each football game. Charges will begin with the first football game and donors that come into the challenge mid-season will be charged retroactively for previous touchdowns scored. 041b061a72

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