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  • Topic: SS2 Vurt's Flora Overhaul Read 145154 times QUICK HELP: 1. Install the game, 2. Patch it with SS2Tool, 3. Download the attached archive, 4. Load it with Blue Mod Manager6426197d8e88bvurt

  • #0 Report Quote Reply 01. October 2011, 03:44:39 6426197d8e93bTags: object texture SS2 dml Vurt's SS2 Flora Overhaul Notes:* Replaces most plant models with more detailed versions.* Requires a decent graphics card to run without FPS drops.Attachments (newest on top) Vurt's SS2 Flora Overhaul 1.0k.7z Vurt's SS2 Flora Overhaul 1.0k.7z Vurt's SS2 Flora Overhaul 1.0k.7z2 MB, 77348 downloads GA8ifLH.jpg GA8ifLH.jpg GA8ifLH.jpg230 KB, 1577 x 735 px 1WxmqJu.jpg 1WxmqJu.jpg 1WxmqJu.jpg345 KB, 1407 x 1020 px x4lwrcz.jpg x4lwrcz.jpg x4lwrcz.jpg363 KB, 1805 x 1041 px Last Edit: 29. October 2015, 20:07:15 by voodoo47 Acknowledged by: Pedruh476426197d8eb0eIGNA

  • #1 Report Quote Reply 01. October 2011, 18:32:28Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8eb50Nice update vurt! It worked fine, except these plants:Image: Maybe there's another compatibility issiue with SHTUP, i don't know.IGNA6426197d8ec16vurt

  • #2 Report Quote Reply 01. October 2011, 20:09:40Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8ec69ah thanks for reporting that, i know what that issue is.. i'll make a fix.Edit: Fixed (untested, but should work now). Last Edit: 01. October 2011, 20:20:57 by vurt 6426197d8ed39IGNA

  • #3 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 03:21:33Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8ed8bMmh, it doesn't work, this time the plants had yellow and purple "leaves" or squares in this case.6426197d8ee1dvurt

  • #4 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 04:27:41Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8ee70Haha ok, try now.6426197d8ef55IGNA

  • #5 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 18:44:58Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8efa8Almost! The leaves are ok but the stems are missingImage:

  • #6 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 22:28:50Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8f0ceHmm can't figure that one out i'm afraid. The texture is 256x256 TGA and the file name is correct (i just checked the .bin with View.exe). I was in hydroponics with this version and didnt see any missing stems.6426197d8f359unn_atropos

  • #7 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 22:47:14Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8f3b3I just wondered: could the texture of this flower boxes be changed, or the flowers be repositioned?Some stems almost fit the holes, but some seem to grow out the solid metal.6426197d8f49fvurt

  • #8 Report Quote Reply 02. October 2011, 23:16:57Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8f4faI'm not sure how well the original stem fits in to the holes, i don't think it does, would take a lot of time to position them perfectly.. Sometimes i don't get why they've separated the meshes in the first place, for example those pots and plants, just a lot more work to position two meshes instead of 1. One way would be to make the leaves go lower (or make them bigger) to cover this error.6426197d8f7faMarvin

  • #9 Report Quote Reply 16. February 2013, 11:30:09Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8f854Is this still in development? I sometimes get strange bugs like floating plants: Flora OVerhaul was installed on top of SHTUP and ADaoB if that matters. Will collect additional screenshots as I continue with the game.6426197d8f9bfvoodoo47

  • #10 Report Quote Reply 16. February 2013, 12:07:18Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8fa16might be an obj placement issue, will check the map.6426197d8fabcMarvin

  • #11 Report Quote Reply 16. February 2013, 21:05:02Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8fb31I've played up to Recreations now and haven''t encountered another problem with this mod. Must be an error in earth.mis.6426197d8fbd8Shinobi

  • #12 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 04:16:51Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8fc2aOverwrite SHTUP .bins? Excuse abruptness. On-screen keyboard. Long story. Thx.6426197d8fce9Marvin

  • #13 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 09:58:02Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8fd39If you want others to understand you, consider using full sentences.Dou you want to know if there's a conflict with SHTUP? There is, both look fine but Flora Overhaul replaces a lot more models. For the sake of consistency, I'd advise to overwrite the SHTUP content.6426197d8fe2eShinobi

  • #14 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 11:15:08Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8fe8cMy apologies for the incoherence last night, the post does say why, though... I had to post it or I'd forget.Having problems with a few of Vurt's mods. As he doesn't test installing the proper (sorry Vurt!) way, he doesn't put instructions about file overwrites in his posts, as he doesn't experience them himself probably.Maybe Vurt could sort these mods out in the correct folder structure for placing in DataPermMods.Thanks very much, Marvin :-)PS: Vurt - loving the latest Skyrim overhaul, just downloaded it!! Posting here cause I don't really post on the nexus.6426197d8ff49vurt

  • #15 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 17:08:41Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d8ff9cUpdated!v0.4 Changelog:* all textures are now in .dds format* new reeds and lilypad textures* new pot that fits better with the sci-fi theme* upped the resolution on a few textures6426197d90043Shinobi

  • #16 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 17:17:39Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d900a7Neat... I just installed the old one. Typical Lol.downloading 6426197d90141Marvin

  • #17 Report Quote Reply 17. February 2013, 17:26:18Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d90199Beautiful, thanks!6426197d90244Alextended

  • #18 Report Quote Reply 18. February 2013, 01:05:42Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d90294Looks great but the very first plant you see (next to the reception robot) is floating. I imagine it's going to be a recurring issue for that type of plant.6426197d90360vurt

  • #19 Report Quote Reply 18. February 2013, 06:40:27Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d903b6yes unfortunately, though it's just only really noticeable at that one place. You can delete it by removing plantt.bin. Though the original plant is very buggy, the pot is somehow inverted and turns itself inside out as you move closer to the plant, it looks really weird. Maybe it's fixed with shtup though.6426197d90471Alextended

  • #20 Report Quote Reply 18. February 2013, 06:53:33Re: Vurt's Flora Overhaul 6426197d904c1Yeah it looked fine with SHTUP. I put this mod in the Temp folder which acts like it overwrites the stuff in Perm to test it so I could delete it without re-downloading the stuff it overwrite if it's problematic. I'll go ahead and just delete that file then.6426197d9085bredrain85

  • #21 Report Quote Reply 18. February 2013, 20:37:38 6426197d908aaSo if we already have an older version installed, how does one go about updating? Because . . .Quote by vurt:* all textures are now in .dds format. . . suggests that it's not as simple as just dropping the new files in the DataPermMods folder and overwriting what's there. There will be duplicate versions of every texture, due to the change of texture format.Does one format take higher priority over the other? Or does it matter?I'm manually going to delete the older duplicate textures in other formats. But I thought I'd ask, on behalf of others who might have the same questions.6426197d90924vurt

  • #22 Report Quote Reply 18. February 2013, 20:55:22 has higher priority.6426197d90b3cblaydes99

#23 Report Quote Reply 21. February 2013, 20:52:46 6426197d90b8cDo some of these only look right with certain alpha settings in the .ini? In the latest upload, that same problem plant in the screenshots above has transparency issues for me around the leaves. Otherwise, the plants are looking good.



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